“A man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” – Mark 10: 6-9

It is commonly accepted that wedding rings signify numerous marital attributes, including fidelity, honour, and commitment as well as love and love. The wedding ring is a symbol of love through time, a sign of commitment, and an arrangement in between 2 celebrations to enjoy and treasure one another for the rest of their days. Wedding rings are, of course, circular fit and this in itself carries a symbolic significance for the couple getting married.

Christian rings, in particular, likewise stress the spiritual nature of the swears by not only representing the couple’s love but likewise the love of God for the couple and their dedication to honouring Him with the sanctity of their marriage.

By making these pledges before God, the couple includes a deeper spiritual component into their union and highlights the function that religion and God will play in their marriage. 

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The History and Meaning of the Ring Finger


A symbol of eternal love, the simple wedding event ring has been about for years, older than any of us and still as important as ever. While the design of 

wedding rings are ending up being more contemporary in a lot of cases, the custom and symbolism of the ring are as strong today as it’s ever been.

Lots of people think that the origin of these customized dates back to the Romans, who believed that the ring finger had a vein running directly to the heart. They called this the Vena Amoris or the “Vein of Love.” Although medical science has shown us there’s no such vein, the tradition still resides today.

Due in part to the old concept of the Vena Amoris, using a ring on the fourth finger represents a connection to the heart; it’s related to affection, love, and imagination– very important ingredients for a delighted marriage.

What Does It Symbolize?

  1. It symbolizes commitment.

Wedding rings symbolize many things and the one most widely understood is dedication. When we discover somebody is using a wedding ring, we know that implies, at least most of the time, they are completely devoted to somebody they enjoy and it shouldn’t take a wedding blog site to tell you that. But that is only half of the truth. Now you may be questioning, “well how is that only half true?” It is a sign of commitment from that individual’s partner.

When a male positions the ring on the woman’s finger, that ring now symbolizes his dedication to her, not her dedication to him. That ring that you wear is a symbol of your partner’s real commitment to you, and the ring you place on your partner’s finger is a symbol of your real dedication to them.

  1. For some, it symbolizes pride.

When somebody asks another if they can see their ring, the other will feel proud to show it off. A lot of females love to show off their huge sparkly ring from their hubby. The very first thing most brides do after the ceremony is quickly run over to their bridesmaids and reveal what a gorgeous ring they simply got in honour of their new partner.

Importance Of Wearing Your Ring Everyday

  1. It is a sign of commitment.

Wedding rings are a symbol of commitment to your significant other. Wedding rings have been tokens of commitment for centuries, dating back to the middle ages where the groom would present the bride and her family with an expensive ring to prove his commitment to the marriage and that he would never step back from this relationship. 

The ring signifies that you are in a committed relationship and having the ring on you at all times goes to show that you are open about this and that you are willing to show it off. Seeing the ring on your finger daily can also serve as a reminder to your partner about how much they mean to you and that it is them out of everyone else that you chose to spend the rest of your life with.  

  1. It is a sign of respect.

Your wedding ring can also act as a trigger for you to think about the decisions you choose to make keeping your partner in mind. With your wedding ring on your finger, there comes an added responsibility, and that responsibility is to keep your partners respect in mind. 

You must understand that you are no longer single and that your actions can affect not only you but also your loved one too and therefore you must think twice before making certain decisions and ask yourself: “Am I being respectful to my partner by taking this decision?” 

Respect is crucial not only in marriage but in any relationship, keeping your partner in mind at all times will ensure that your relationship/marriage is a stable one, and also a quiet way of expressing the importance of your partner in your life. 

Various Types of Wedding Rings

There are many different styles of wedding rings to choose from, including plain gold or platinum rings, diamond rings, sapphire rings, and eternity rings.

If you are into beautiful coloured rings, platinum rings are for you. They go along well with platinum Temple & Grace Wedding Rings.