The average bathroom renovation cost in Australia is over $20,000. This number is the median of 52 prices given by Australian renovation and construction companies.

The data collected shows that there was at least one price within 0-40% of the average and one outside this range (meaning either extremely cheap or extremely expensive). This means particular projects can be as cheap as $4,800 or as costly as $38,000.

In general, renovations are costing more than they have in previous years. In 2014, professional renovation costs averaged around $17,500 while those same renovations now cost an average of just over $20,000.

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The median numbers used were all from licensed contractors who have between 3-15 years of experience. The highest number of submissions came from renovation companies in the greater Sydney area. Some of these companies specialize in home renovations while others focus on commercial and industrial properties.

Renovations include everything from adding a new room to completely gutting and remodelling an entire house or business, so it’s important to consider what kind of renovations you want when looking at prices.

For example, adding a bathroom onto an existing house will cost less than building an entirely new living space such as a second-story addition with two bathrooms and kitchen/living quarters below.

Some factors that impact renovating costs include:


Smaller projects can be completed faster and therefore more cheaply than ones that take more time and effort. Roughly, every 10% of increase in the size of a renovation project can lead to roughly an 8% increase in labour costs.

This means that something which takes only two weeks will cost much less than anything with twice as many square feet which also needs to be gutted and redone.


Climate is important too. If you live somewhere very cold or very hot it’ll take longer for workers to do their job, meaning more money is needed for equipment and time spent working.

In addition, if certain materials must be imported into your location this may affect the final price as well since shipping charges tend to vary widely depending on what’s being shipped and how far away from the port it’s going.


If you’re looking to hire a contractor and you’ve chosen one who has worked on similar projects before, you can narrow down costs by finding out how much they charge. This can vary from as little as $10/hour for simple work to over $100 for more experienced craftsmen.


Most people don’t want any corners cut when it comes to the things they own, so contractors will have a good idea of what kind of quality is wanted in your project. Cramped spaces will require less material than open rooms with high ceilings, so keep this in mind when you’re estimating the final cost.


Even small things like lighting fixtures and flooring choices can have a big impact on how much the final cost will be. In addition, some materials work better with others and you don’t want to spend extra money buying new tiles because they won’t go well with your wall design.


If your renovation includes adding any new features such as a sauna or pool, this will increase the overall price of renovations by almost 20%. Anytime something like this is added it must be built from scratch which means more contractors hired and longer hours spent at work.

Price ranges for typical bathroom renovations in Australia:

  • Bathroom Remodel (currently existing space used) – $10-18/sq ft
  • Shower/bathtub replacement – $11-19/sq ft
  • Bathroom refit (smaller, simpler renovation) – $25-31/sq ft
  • Bathroom addition (new space to add a bathroom onto an exterior wall) –$29-43/sq ft

In total, expect to spend anywhere from $5,000 for small renovations in less popular locations to upwards of $55,000 when you’re adding a second story. If your current home has enough space and it’s well built then the possibilities are endless!

Just make sure that once everything is finished you don’t end up spending more on energy bills because your new bathrooms use electricity or gas to function.


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