A hen weekend is not a hen weekend if you don’t have fun and games! However, when everything gets mixed up,  it gets harder to blend into the group and get a vibe going!


Here is our list of the best hen party games:


  1. Advice for the bride – Ask the hens to document some important (or hilarious!)tapes for the bride-to-be, she can then read these out to the group and you can think who recommended what.


  1. Fear Factor –  This is designed for the guest of honour to cop the brunt of the humiliation. This works best when everybody in the crowd is involved! 


  1. Bridal Pinata – All the guests must add a piece of paper into something, with a tiny advice for marriage before the hen opens it.


two women talking while holding drinking glasses


  1. Prosecco Pong – Think of a classy hen party idea or the path to hen party carnage. Take it in turns to throw a ping pong ball into a glass and if you’re lucky, the other must drink the alcohol in the glass where the pong lands.


  1. Bride Gin Challenge – A gin themed party would be fun if the bride likes gin!


Do’s and Don’ts In A Hens Party


  1. Bare everyone in mind.


  1. This is the Bride’s day!


  1. Consider everyone’s monetary conditions.





  1. Deal with money matters in front of the hen!


  1. Post any disturbing photos anywhere on the internet!
  1. Don’t invite a person the bride doesn’t like!

Who to invite in a hen’s night?


Traditionally, hen’s night was primarily for the female’s relatives, and potentially a couple of household pals, however as hen’s celebrations get more raucous and obscene, fewer brides-to-be are welcoming their moms or mothers-in-law, and simply partying with their mates.

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